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Mohenjo Daro Replica Seal for decorative purpose

Mohenjo Daro Seal Model

It is a replicated model of a Mohenjo Daro seal that can be framed and  displayed and exhibited in homes or offices as decorative items, or used as wall hangings, etc., depending on your taste and creativity.

The ancient sites of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro flourished as a thriving civilization around 2600-1900 BC. Archeologists found many underground artifacts in these sites during excavations. These included the figures of terracotta, bronze, metal pots, ornamental gold, metal and precious stone perforations, glass, and ivory.

Steatite Insigna

More than 3500 steatite seals have also been found through the excavations. Mostly they used steatite stones to engrave or mold and then they gave final touches to make such patterns. Most seal designs have an animal figure and a form of the script either above or below. Some of the seals have astronomical figures. Since no one has deciphered the Indus Valley script so far, we can only hypothesize what is engraved over them. We could probably say that during this time there was a widespread supernatural belief in the area and many seals may be reflecting these dogmas.

  • Item: Indus Valley Civilization Mohenjodaro Seal Replica
  • Material: Baked clay
  • Size: Approximately 5.5 cm * 5.5 cm.
  • Thickness: About 0.5 cm
  • Design availability: The seal replicas are handmade on baked clay and may vary slightly from the photo shown on this page.
  • Colors: Colors shown on the screen may differ or vary from the actual colors.

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