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Taweez Locket necklace - Vintage Jewelry

Taweez Prayer Box Locket

Taweez Locket is worn around the neck and 'taweez' is usually kept inside it. The Tawiz is worn by some religious people to remove the wearer of any evil or keep them safe and also bring good luck. Some people use it to keep miniature holy scriptures, or Mantra etc. some merely wear locket for personal adornment.

An Amulet or Good Luck Charm Locket

Such an object is also called an amulet or charm locket in some cultures. It is intended in these cultures to bring good luck and/or safety to its owner. Others keep some 'taweez' or mantra script inside it in a belief that it holds magical properties that can protect against bad luck, sickness, and evil. It can be used for specific purposes, or simply with some mantra script kept inside for general good luck.

Product Specifications

Item: Sindhi - Balochi style cylindrical taweez locket (empty, no taweez included)
Approximate Size: Approximate maximum size of cylindrical pendant is 5.5 cm

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